Network Design & Configuration


Network Design and Configuration

Sastra Network Solution offers full fledge network implementation across the country. We can design, plan and install you LAN network from start to finish. Each network solution is custom designed, it can be implemented from scratch or can me maintained in existing framework.  As network infrastructure have become common in industrial, commercial and retail environments, we have planned, designed and implemented at various sizes of organizations such as: educational institutes, business offices, government offices, hotels and hospitals. Sastra can design and install a network infrastructure for virtually any venue.
Sastra Network Solution Specializes in:
• Network Site survey
• LAN network Design and implementation
• LAN security
• LAN performance analysis


Network Site Survey

Sastra Network Solution offers pre-visit to sites for detailed information audit for both the existing network or fresh installation. For the purpose of reliable network infrastructure, performance analysis report, traffic utilization report, bugs and reported issues in an existing network infrastructure are the key challenges. Sastra provides you with the feasible solution and ensures the network capacity at its best.

LAN Network Design and implementation

Sastra Network Solution provides finest network experts in the country to plan and design a reliable network infrastructure. Our goal is to an error-proof network with the best traffic rate at the highest capacity. With over a decade long experience of working with various organizations in the country we have the ability to configure and implement on any layer 2 and layer 3 communication technology. Our working methodology are organized and we have the capacity to build a network framework for virtually any organization

LAN Security

Sastra Network Solution has significant experience in providing LAN security for the potential security gaps in your organization. A Local Area Network ( LAN) is usually a network build in a smaller area however, it connects you to the global internet infrastructure which always a huge risk. Sastra has over a decade long experience in managing and configuring and help you secure you network against malicious intents or loop holes that are created unknowingly.

LAN Performance Analysis

Sastra Provides detailed information on the network performance and provides you the user interface for easy monitoring of the real time traffic, devices, bandwidth utilization and report generating. Sastra technical  team has been able to minimize the unwanted efforts of network monitoring for its clients over the hectic routine of daily checks.