Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC)


Annual Maintenance Contract

AMC stands for Annual maintenance contract where we charge some fixed amount to our customer for a specific product for a fixed period of time and fixed services. Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC) is the service that every organization are in need these days. SASTRA provides the AMC service for the projects that we involved and to the new customers as well. We provide the services for computer networks, servers, desktops, etc. Accepting this contract, the clients can get more productivity, less expenditure and upgradation periodically. For a mutual fixed amount all the works under the contracts are done remotely or onsite if needed.

AMC is done in 2 ways namely :

  1. Seller of The Product Is Same: When the seller of the product and the AMC provider of the product is the same.
  2. Seller of The Product Is Different: When the seller of the product is different and you only provide AMC for the product.

We work on both the criteria mentioning some valuable points in the contract itself.


  • Continuous updates/upgrades of the devices ensuring optimal performance and productivity
  • Long-term cost savings in machine purchase and function
  • Expertise knowledge base
  • Preventative maintenance (goal: no breakdowns)
  • Quick response (if breakdowns)
  • Increased longevity of hardware and software
  • Expert technicians available to answer the tough questions
  • No coverage lapses
  • No hourly charges for service
  • Keeps company on time and in compliance