Who we are

SASTRA Network Solution Inc. is a technology leader when it comes to networking, system design and integration. The company was founded in 2003 to contribute in the IT technology, with the ultimate goal of enabling organizations to experience a reliable communication system. SASTRA designs and implements systems of various sizes – from scratch to fully automated organizational Computing structures. The company specializes in the area of Local Area Network and Wide Area Network design and their implementation. Its expertise includes Structured Cabling, Wide Area Routing, and Virtual Private Networks, Security systems and Integrated LAN / WAN solutions.

Who do we work with

Sastra Network successfully worked with technology leaders and telecom industries of the country and the company now regularly provides support for its clients for ensuring the operational benefits to the its clients. SASTRA’s client include different governmental organization, ministries, non-governmental organization, INGOs, educational institute, health sectors, business organization, financial institutions, telecoms etc. SASRTA has been fully satisfying and gaining the trust of the client through it’s quality of work and dedication towards clients.
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Our Mission

Sastra’s mission is to be the paramount in ICT service and solution provider, with concrete emphasis on ascertaining, qualifying and providing technology solutions that offer enduring business significance to our clients.  We endeavor to empower our partners to meet their business objectives more efficiently and effectively. Henceforth, we prefer to remain an honest, recognized and valued leader in technology distribution.

As one of the nation’s growing distributor and service provider of IT infrastructure, Sastra Network Solution has secured many missions to its manifest, representing the rapid technological progress. These include the introduction of new and exciting solutions as well as advancement in routine work. Building on the achievements of the previous works, Sastra Network solution is working on next generation approach of rapidly converging technological requirements. As its ability to gather, process and distribute grows, in response to the demand for the ever more sophisticated IT framework.

The SASTRA Difference

The Sastra Difference” means informed consulting. It means being a pioneer in the testing of new technologies in the Nepalese environment, so that our customers can benefit from them — but without having to endure most of the growing pains. The “Sastra Difference” means turnkey solutions, project management, and multi-stage training. But most importantly, we believe the Sastra Difference is that we really care that our customers make the best possible use of what we set up for them — and that they are happy with the result 24 hours a day.  Our commitment to our clients has led us to work with the support centers to produce a number of software and hardware fixes that directly impact our clients.  We are willing to work with the client and with the manufacturer to create a satisfactory solution.

Sastra offers 24-hour service to back up our service promise: a bilingual English/Nepalese speaking customer service representative is always reachable. All service requests are logged and assigned a priority by our support staffs as follows:





Response Time

1 hour

2 hours

1 working day

SASTRA Expertise

1. IP Network Architecture, Design and Implementation
2. Video Conferencing/IP Telephony
    a. Unified Communication System
    b. IP PABX and IP Phones
    c. Video Conferencing
    d. Audio Conferencing
    e. Web Conferencing

3. Wireless Networking
    a. Long Range Wireless
    b. Indoor Wireless/HotSpot

4. Data Center
    a. Services
    b. Design and Installation

5. System and Network Security Solutions
    a. Intrusion Detection and Protection
    b. Network Access Control
    c. Firewall
    d. Antivirus Solutions
    e. Securing System and Services
    f. Content Security

6. Network Management System
7. Virtualization
8. Annual Maintenance Contract

Network Infrastructure & Integrated Service Portfolio

1. Consulting & Design

Network communication, Infrastructure Audit, Analysis

Gap Analysis, Solution Design & Documentation

Proof of Concept (PoC) & Pilot Testing

Standardization of Product Technology & Implementation

2. Core Technology

Campus and Data Center LAN

3. Advance Technology

VOIP, IP Video Conferencing

Unified Communcation

Wireless Access & Security

Multisite Deployment

4. Integration & Management

Solution & Documentation

Product & Technology Identification

Project Management Maintainance