Wireless Network Solution

Wireless Networks Solution

Wireless Solution is a comprehensive security framework that combines confidential communications for information in transit, policy control for a variety of users and deployment scenarios, and a robust threat defense capability. SASTRA has delivered an integrated architecture combining the Unified Wireless Network products and its industry-leading Self-Defending Network security products. SASTRA delivers this solution along with the blueprint for a real-time campus infrastructure enabling consistent services and policies anywhere, anyway, anytime someone connects to the network.

Benefits of the Wireless Solution

By deploying the Secure Wireless Solution, which integrates the benefits and services of the Unified Wireless Network and the secure Network within the campus can provide your workforce with a secure wireless network while decreasing operational costs.


As the leader in networking, Wireless can provide solutions at every step of the Secure Wireless Solution deployment. SASTRA can assist in continuing to build an efficient, long-lasting network infrastructure that will help deliver unique and competitively differentiated services in the market.