IP Network Design & Configuration

Core Router
Features and Benefits: 
Core router is a modular router with multiple Network modules to support wide variety of interfaces. The Core Router shall have Embedded Security Processing and Best-in Class Security Feature Support, should also support Voice for future requirement. The Core router should have best-in-class routing, security, and voice technologies embedded into the router fabric, making it possible for enterprises to securely deliver concurrent, mission-critical services and applications at wire-speed performance.  
The Core Router extends network capabilities and productivity from the corporate headquarters to the branch offices for increased operational efficiencies and end-user productivity. The advanced adaptability and modularity of the Core routers provides the widest variety of network interfaces and services, including: VPN IPSec, intrusion detection, IP Communications, wireless LAN services, integrated switching, business video, URL filtering, application optimization, DSL, ATM access, and serial device aggregation. By consolidating the functions of multiple, separate services into a single, resilient platform that can be easily managed and deployed. 
Core Switch Features and Benefits: 
Converged data, voice, and video networks with high availability enable business resiliency for enterprise and Metro Ethernet customers deploying Internet-based business applications. Network control extends from the backbone to the edge with intelligent services such as granular quality of 
service (QoS), Internet security, and network management. Scalability of these intelligent network services  is  made  possible  with  dedicated  specialized  resources  known  as  ternary  content addressable memory (TCAM). Ample TCAM   resources (192,000 entries) enable "high feature 
capacity”, which provides wire-speed routing and switching performance with concurrent provisioning of services such as QoS and security, helping ensure scalability for today's network requirements with ample room for future growth. 
The Core switch helps enable an extended window of deployment in converged networks, reducing the total cost of ownership (TCO) by minimizing recurring operational expenses, in turn improving return on investment (ROI). Optimized for the enterprise wiring closet, branch office, or Layer 3 distribution points, the Cisco Catalyst 4900 Series Supervisor Engine IV provides the performance and scalability to handle the network applications of today and the future. 
Features and Benefits: 
The Firewall with the Anti-X feature, delivers advanced security and networking services for small and medium-sized businesses and enterprise remote/branch offices in an easy to-deploy, cost effective appliance. These services can be easily managed and monitored by the integrated, Web-based application, thus reducing the overall deployment and operations costs associated with providing this high level of security. The SecurityAppliance provides high performance firewall and VPN services, three integrated 10/100 Fast Ethernet interfaces. It provides comprehensive 
malware protection. 
Internet Router 
Feature & Benefits 
The Internet router shall support wide variety of LAN and WAN options. The routers shall have embedded hardware cryptography accelerators, which when combined with an option shall help enable WAN link security and VPN services. 
Edge Switch Features & Benefits: 
The Edge Switch shall have a 24 port 10/100/1000 port with Intelligent features at the network edge, such as: 
- Sophisticated access control lists (ACLs) and enhanced security. 
- Dual-purpose uplinks for 10 Gigabit Ethernet uplink flexibility, allowing use of either a copper or a fiber uplink-each dual- purpose uplink port and one Small Form-Factor Pluggable (SFP) based Gigabit  Ethernet port, with one port active at a time. 
- Network control and bandwidth optimization using advanced QoS, granular rate limiting, ACLs, and multicast services. 
- Network security through a wide range of authentication methods, data encryption technologies, and network admission control based on users, ports, and MAC addresses. 
- Easy network configuration, upgrades, and troubleshooting. 
LAN Management Solutions Feature & Benefits: 
LAN Management Solution (LMS) provides the integrated management tools needed to simplify the configuration, administration, monitoring, and troubleshooting of networks. It provides IT organizations an integrated system for sharing device information across management applications, automation of device management tasks, visibility into the health and capability of the network and identification and localization of network trouble. By using common centralized systems and network-inventory knowledge, LMS delivers a unique platform of cross-functional management capabilities that reduces network administration overhead and provides upper-layer systems integration. 
Monitoring Analysis and Reporting Features & Benefits:
Security Monitoring, Analysis, and Response System is an appliance-based, all inclusive solution that provides unmatched insight and control of your existing security deployment. It works with your existing network and security investments to identify, isolate, and recommend precise removal of offending elements. It also helps maintain internal policy compliance and can be an integral part of your overall regulatory compliance solution.